What To Expect With Us

Think of us as your local ice-cream van but instead, we bring you the most colourful, fresh produce. Our unique bell will signal our arrival in your neighbourhood, giving you an opportunity to pick out tomorrow’s salad or even tonight’s evening meal.

We encourage our customers to bring out their containers, baskets and shopping bags to fill up at the mobile float to limit the use of plastic and reducing our carbon footprint by reducing trips to the supermarket.

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See What Others Have To Say About Us

  • Angelica

    "The fruit and vegetables from Green Tomato are incredibly fresh and tasty, and are delivered without any unnecessary packaging, which is good for the environment. The online ordering system is efficient and convenient. Highly recommended!"

  • Happy Guilford Roaders

    “We’ve loved Green Tomato from the early days. A big help during lockdown and now a weekly source of really fresh fruit and veg delivered straight to our door with a big smile. Ordering and payment are a breeze and there is minimal waste and minimal plastic”

  • Fiona Cownie

    "Green Tomato delivers fruit and vegetables right to your street. You can visit the float and choose from a really good selection of items, or you can order in advance. Everything we have tried has been very fresh. Everyone on the float is very friendly and helpful. Buying fruit and veg from Green Tomato is a very pleasurable experience. Highly recommended"

Educational Hub

At Green Tomato, we are commited to ensuring we all play a part in a greener, cleaner future for generations to enjoy.

It is the responsibility of all in our community to come together to change our behaviour. Not only to revert climate change but also the extensive impact on our environment such as loss of biodiversity; mass extinction; deforestation; air pollution and over-use of fossil fuels.

Educational Hub