What Are Greenhouse Gases & How Can We Reduce Them?

What Are Greenhouse Gases & How Can We Reduce Them?

Greenhouse gases (GHG) have far-reaching effects on our environment and health. The main GHGs are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and also includes water vapour. The effect of these gases in our upper atmosphere is that they trap heat; increasing the average global temperature. This causes extreme weather, melting of polar ice caps, increased wildfires and disruption of food supply. 

Office for National Statistics: UK Environmental Accounts: 2019

This report states that ‘Households were responsible for one-quarter of all GHG emissions in the UK in 2017……. and households became the largest emitters of greenhouse gases from 2015 ‘. 

Examples of household contribution of GHG emissions include:

  • directly by driving petrol and diesel cars and flights 
  • indirectly by using electricity supplied by fossil fuel powered power stations

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